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Where To Donate Hurricane Relief Supplies

Where To Donate Hurricane Relief Supplies

Donate supplies like food, toys, books… We provide semi-trucks that will arrive with water, cleaning supplies, personal hygiene items, paper products, baby products, and food items.

We even provide Rebuilding supplies for hurricane victims like“House kits” and/or building supplies that are available for qualified homeowners.

Read about more of the hurricane and disaster relief services we provide.

Companies That Want To Donate To hurricane Victims

Raise Your Profile as a Caring Global Citizen

Send a clear message of corporate social responsibility to your customers, shareholder, and employees. Your company can get a tax benefit and raise its profile as a lighthouse in its own and other communities to make a difference for children and families in need worldwide.

You and your company can participate in a variety of ways.

Business Matching Gifts from Employees

Learn how payroll deductions, stock donations, and employer matches can create the socially responsible corporate environment you seek while helping others in need around the world.

Product Donations

Click here to learn about the types of product donations we accept. Donating benefits your corporation through promoting a positive image and tax write-offs but most importantly it makes a difference.

donate to hurricane relief supplies

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