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Teams, Tornados, and Typhoid

*From Feb, 2014 – neglected to post on blog.

What if it was your community that  is affected by disaster? Would you be ready?  If you are not, you can’t help your neighbors.  Is your church prepared? If not, they can’t help the community?  Preparations need to happen, plans need to be in place.  We at CitiIMPACT can assist you in doing so.  Remember, it is not IF a disaster will strike near you it is WHEN. Contact us for more information on training.
Even as we  are watching the weather today, we are reminded that today is the 9 month Anniversary of the Moore, OK  tornado. Thoughts and prayers for all who were devastated.  Especially those who lost children.  We have heard from a few today who say the wind whipping makes this sad anniversary even harder.  Their surviving children are terrified to go to school.
   Rebuilding is getting underway in Moore now.  
Teams are needed. Schedule now to make a difference in the lives of those who have lost so much.
Teams Reserving NOW:
OK,  NJ, NOLA, CO, and AL all continue to need teams and will into the Spring and Summer of 2014.  Please fill out this team form for more information.  Keep in mind that March, April, June, and July are our busiest months.  If you want to come in those months please don’t delay in reserving spots.
In closing, we’d like to share a story from last week.  As most of you know we have a child sponsorship program in Liberia.  A sponsored child is able to attend school (often for the first time).  We got word last week that one of our little girls, who goes by “Baby Girl” had typhoid and was not doing well at all.  Typhoid kills 1 out of 5 people left untreated. Treatment seems simple enough
 . . . antibiotics.  Yet, Baby Girl’s widowed mother could not afford the money to take her to a doctor.  We inquired as to how much it would cost to to get her seen by a doctor and the necessary treatment, now more complicated as she was on week three of Typhoid.  The text came back, “About $20 should cover it”.  Wow, $20 was all that stood between life and death.  This is a overwhelmingly sad reality. However, we are happy to report that Baby Girl is now being treated and getting better everyday.  Please continue to pray for her and all the children of the world whose lives are unfairly vulnerable due to lack of education, clean water, and medical care. 

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