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Starting Over Means MOORE

Our kids went back to school yesterday, DSC_0273now both as middle schoolers!  We lament at how quickly time has passed, for it really was just last week that they went to preschool.  Yet, we are so thankful that they are growing and learning in an amazing school with vast opportunities awaiting them.  For the most part our kids have the average anxieties; “Will I be liked?”, “Will I fit in?“, “Will I lose my locker?”.

Isaac Our children and most of yours don’t have to worry if they will get food today, if they will have paper and supplies, if their teacher will show up, or if the rains will make it impossible to get to school. 

Of course, those are the blessed kids in Liberia who get to have those worries.  Most only dream of attending school.

Then there are the children going back to school in Moore, OK.  A place where they once felt safe is now their greatest fear.  They are haunted by the events of the tornado just three months ago today.  Hundreds were buried in that rubble as their school collapsed on top of them.  Many lost friends, classmates, and homes. Seven children lost their lives while at school.  Their brothers and sisters carry an unimaginable burden.

I spoke to Danni Legg yesterday whose son Christopher was one of those seven. (This is the same family we shared about a few weeks ago, now released to use real names of parents.)   Her now 2nd grade daughter was found 50 feet away from where she was sheltered.  She thinks that if the wind blows there will be a tornado and she shouldn’t have to go to school.  Well, yesterday the wind was blowing.

Hear Danni and Ross in their own words from NBC Nightly News last Friday, HERE
Legg Family with CitiIMPACT team from CA.
(Notice Christopher over fireplace)

So as you zip those backpacks and pack those lunches please count your blessings and say special prayers for the many children (and parents) hurting and hungry.


Click links to other ways you can help them (bear with us as our website is being rebuilt, there are some gliches -new launch soon!)

  • Sponsor a Child – Enable a child in Liberia to attend school.
  • Give towards opening a school in Liberia – Things move very slow here. However, news came this week that the Articles of Incorporation have been approved!
  • Intern – Looking for qualified people (teachers, admin, etc) to serve as missionaries there through CitiIMPACT.  Email:
  • Meal MANIA – Come to Myrtle Beach Convention Center in October.   Your town next?  Can you form a team to lead one?  You pack the meals that go overseas to malnourished children, including CitiIMPACT kids in Liberia.
  • Buy BRIDGE BREW Coffee.  Proceeds go to building schools in LiberiaBridge Brew Coffee Drink the Brew, Bridge the Hope!  Starts schools in Liberia and prevents trafficking and child labor.
  • GIVE towards recovery efforts in Moore.  The rebuilds should be underway soon. We will be helping some very special families who have lost lost so much rebuild their homes, their families, and some hope.  You can too.
  • Bring a team  Need skilled teams starting in October for rebuilding.  College teams are welcome and needed during spring break.  We encourage you to sign up soon as space fills up quickly especially for  March and April.
  • Prepare yourself.  Disaster Training. – It’s a matter of when, not if, a disaster of some type comes to your town or region.    We offer training to communities and churches. Will you be ready?



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