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Sparks in the Dark

Sparks in the Dark . . .
Our hearts are heavy today as we pray for and grieve with those who lost loved ones and those still fighting to survive.  Peace was once again shattered, innocence lost. Thousands struggle to make sense of the senseless.  The “Why’s?” and “What if’s?” abound in the stories that become almost too much to bear.  Yet, we are also touched by those who heroically raced to help, saving many lives.  The absolute worst and best of human nature tied up in a mass of emotions that unite us in time and spirit. 
Martin,8, was killed in Boston bombings. Shown here with his message for peace.

Albert Schweitzer, Nobel Peace Prize winner, theologian, pastor, medical missionary in Africa and prisoner of war once said,


“At times our own light goes out and is rekindled by a spark from another person. Each of us has cause to think with deep gratitude of those who have lighted the flame within us.”
You too, can be that spark which rekindles another in their time of need.  Let’s not let darkness win.  The light of Jesus has come and has overcome the darkness.  Spread it to your Jerusalem, Judea, and the outermost parts of the world.  Below are some opportunities that we at CitiIMPACT have for you to share your spark.  You all probably know of needs in your own communities as well.
Our school is set to open in Sept, God willing.  This will provide education,

Abraham, his family, and two other children who stay with him to attend school.  He works with CI in Liberia to watch over the kids in our sponsorship program.  A man of great faith and character . . . a spark in the darkness.
meals, and care to our sponsored children.  We have a building identified, an administrator, and two teachers ready to start in September!! There is much to do in a short period of time and we need your help.  The costs to get the building ready are estimated to be $25,000. Needing construction teams to go in June and July to provide the labor.  Missionary teachers are requested for a year at a time.  For more details go here:
Mail a check or conveniently with credit card through PayPal.  Please designate “Liberia School”.  Remember buying Bridge Brew coffee also helps!
Click above to find out where help is needed and how to sign up.  We are in peak tornado season so be sure to check our web site when new disasters take place to get updated needs.  Teams have been busy this spring serving!

Are you ready?  We can train your church community, so they are prepared to be that spark when darkness (disasters; natural or terrorist) comes to your Jerusalem. Click above link for more info.

May the “Why?” we all grapple with when tragedy strikes, strike a spark within us to ask instead, “Why not?”.  Why not serve? Why not go?  Why not give?  Why not me?  Why not now?  

Helping People Help People,

JD and Toni Smith

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