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Opportunities for Fall

Isaac Response:  Has moved away from immediate relief needs (hot meals and 1st response supplies) to long term recovery.  CitiIMPACT is committed to serving for the long term.  We need your help to do that!  Teams are needed now and will be needed through next summer.  Much of the area we are serving (i.e. Laplace) was outside the flood plains and had never flooded before.  These people are in desperate need.

Teams:  Can you get a team together for Fall, Winter, Alternative Spring Breaks, or even looking to next summer? Besides the above sites, still taking teams to Joplin, MO; Tuscaloosa, AL; West Liberty, KY; Henryville, IN; and Live Oak, FL.

Liberia:  Kids are leading the way to start schools in Liberia!  Different groups have been inspired to raise the funding.  One is a group of music students who will be doing a benefit concert in November.  Their goal is to raise enough to start our first school! Imagine the lessons learned and sense of pride exhibited through a youth saying, “My group started a school in Liberia”!  We have a lot of ideas and are open to yours.  Would your school like a sister school in Liberia?

Sponsor Children:  You can make a difference in the life of a child.  Feed them and educate them and let them know someone cares.  The language in Liberia is English so it’s easy to write letters.  Many are awaiting the news that a sponsor has picked them!  It brings such excitement and hope in a place that is generally full of despair.  

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