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Irma Prestage Sept. 8th

Water & Supplies Prestaged through Partner Churches in Irma’s Path

In the midst of the largest evacuation effort in US history, our trucks are rolling into  FL.  Our partner churches are ready to respond and serve their commmunities. One church even unloaded a semi after midnight last night.  That is commitment to serve!

If you are in an evacuation zone.  PLEASE, PLEASE GET OUT!   Don’t mess around with this storm. Yes, the roads are gridlocked and it will be a pain.  Yes, gas lines are unbearable.  But, YES your life is at stake.  At least go inland to an evacuation shelter.

Based on all the expert forecasting, we anticipate the response required for IRMA to be like nothing we’ve ever experienced.  Your help and hope are needed like never before.  Please get the word out to your network. Please GIVE.  Most of all please PRAY that Irma’s impacts are lessened and lives are spared.

Even so, still responding to Harvey.  Prayers for those also affected by tragic wildfires out west, earthquake in Mexico, and the 200 Americans stranded on St. Maarten after Irma.  Two of whom are young honeymooners we know, they say there is only enough food and water for two days.  So many with so much need gives us an opportunity to unite and share love and hope instead of the hate that has been permeating the news.

Thank you for bringing HOPE.

JD and Toni Smith

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