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Serving with CitiIMPACT in Disaster Zones

Many people are wanting to serve in disaster areas.  We love and appreciate that, as help is desperately needed.  We have found a functional structure that works for us, does not run over our local partners, and builds long term sustainability.


  • We take TEAMS of 4 or more people – (individuals only if skilled in area we need and can stay for 2 weeks or longer).
  • Minimum of 3 full work days (not including Sundays as site leaders need the day off, although you are welcome to stay on Sundays there is no work).  We only house teams that are going to be gridded through our sites for service.
  • Youth 14-17 are allowed with an adult (over 23) for every 5 youth.
  • You provide your own transportation

If you meet those requirements please fill out this team form.  This does not gaurantee your spots.  We will check availability and get back to you with next steps.

There is no “free” housing, everything costs someone something.  We are past immediate relief aid and have moved into long term recovery.   We do not receive federal funds nor do our church partners.  Therefore, we must rely on teams to help cover the costs in order to keep efforts going long term.  When you fill out the above form we will let you know the contribution that is required.

Currently sending teams to: Moore OK, Staten Island NY, Brick NJ, Laplace LA and Tuscaloosa AL.

Thank you for your hearts to serve!

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