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Help The Alabama Tornado Victims

Tornado In Alabama - March 2019

The tornado that went through Lee County Alabama on March 3rd was the most deadly tornado in the United States since the Moore, OK tornado in May of 2013. Our hearts are heavy and prayers are many for those dealing with the loss of 23 loved ones, including three young children and seven people from one family. Below is Carol Dean, whose husband David died in the tornado, being comforted.

CitiIMPACT has been on the ground assessing needs. Partner churches in the local area have been serving, ministering to the grieving, and assisting with cleanup. Because this is primarily a rural area, the overall population affected and houses damaged were thankfully relatively low. At this time we do not see the need for our mass feeding units or outside teams. The local church and community are able to meet the immediate relief needs and are actually requesting for volunteers to wait as they may be in the way. However, we will be assisting with supplies and definitely plan to partner for long term recovery efforts and rebuilds.

Email us if you are interested in sending a team in the coming months.


Through our combined effort, you can help the victims of this Tornado get their lives back by supplying food, money, basic necessities, clothes and building materials.
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