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Deploying Relief Aid to West Virginia Flood Victims June 2016

Deploying Relief Aid to West Virginia Flood Victims June 2016

June 23, 2016 – At least 20 people have died so far in wild waters due to massive flooding across West Virginia. Heavy thunderstorms caused trees and power lines to fall and creeks and rivers to overflow out of their embankments. According to a local news source, at least half a million people are without power. Many West Virginia flood victims are in need of urgent relief aid and CitiIMPACT is working now to help.

CitiImpact has relief crews for cooking and supplies for the victims of this natural disaster in West Virginia on standby.

The “1,000-year flood” began with relentless storms leading up to giant mudslides, flooding, and severe damage to homes and infrastructure throughout the state. 44 counties have declared a state of emergency. Southeastern West Virginia counties, Elkview, Clendenin, and Frame, however have been hit the hardest by the storm. As a result, homes have been washed away; Golf resorts are under water; Interstates have been shut down. Mudslides, rushing currents, and rapid floodwaters are so intense they create large waves that resemble an ocean.

NEW! Text Alerts To Your Phone When Relief Aid Is Needed

Check this out! You can now be in the know faster than ever. CitiIMPACT is launching a texting platform. Get updates on where relief is needed, donate in a minute, sign up to volunteer, etc. … all from your cell phone!

Try it now! Text “impact” to 444999



Economic Effects Of Flooding

During floods (especially flash floods), roads, bridges, farms, houses, and automobiles are destroyed. People become homeless. Additionally, the government deploys firemen, police, and other emergency apparatuses to help the affected. All these come at a heavy cost to people and the government. It usually takes years for affected communities to be re-built and business to come back to normalcy. – Businesses are often amongst those most affected by flooding. They will usually lose their building, due to the floodwater, and all of their equipment will be damaged. When their equipment is damaged, they can lose valuable company data that may have been on their electronic devices. Of course, there are ways to recover this data, such as by contacting a company that offers seagate data recovery. They should be able to help companies get this data back, ensuring that they can continue their operations once they replace their equipment and get their business back to normal.

Did you know that the cost of all floodings in the USA in 2011 was $8,640,031,956 (approx 8.5B USD)? –

News About The Flood From CNN

More than 10 inches of rain has so far fallen on Greenbrier County so far which according to the National Weather Service, “There is a 1 in 1,000 chance of this type of rainfall happening in any given year”. From Thursday afternoon, June 23, 2016, to Friday morning, June 24, 2016, Elkview River in the capital of Charleston (in Kanawha County) rose more than 27 feet, the highest in more than 125 years.

How You Can Help The West Virginia Flood Victims

Victims in Disaster situations require immediate relief aid, transitional recovery assistance and long-term resilience. CitiIMPACT believes that local churches are uniquely positioned to lead the way.

Forging partnerships with local faith communities, CitiIMPACT brings organizational experience, a calming influence, and resources from it’s nationwide partners to make a difference in others’ lives.

Ways you can help people…

Many people have helped flood victims in recent years through volunteering, through donating money or from material donations from surplus goods. Donations can be tax deductible. For the Louisiana flooding we were able to send over 100 semi loads of supplies and relief aid to the victims of the disaster.

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