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Bring Hope to Ukraine Children

The news coming out of Ukraine is horrific, entire cities have been flattened. Yet, we have also seen signs of hope in the midst of despair. Thousands of children, many of which are orphans, have found safety in neighboring countries like Poland and Slovakia. CitiIMPACT is partnering to bring aid, food, and schooling. The buses that go into Ukraine to bring children and caregivers to safety are first loaded with supplies to drop off. We are committed to serving for the long term and need your help to do so.

Tatiana is a teacher in Ukraine who has chaperoned orphans who come to the USA for hosting

Meet Tatiana

Tatiana is a teacher in Ukraine who has chaperoned orphans who come to the USA for hosting. She had a house and enough resources to often give help to friends and neighbors. Today she is living in a cramped hostel having escaped the violence in Ukraine, unsure what her future holds or if she will ever see her parents again. She has little money. She is wanting to secure a job, but she is hesitant to even hope. When offered money to provide for her immediate needs she declined as was sure others needed it worse. Tatiana is JUST ONE of the millions of Ukrainians who have fled their homeland and family, not knowing if they will ever have the opportunity to return. With your help, CitiIMPACT can support her, and others like her, as she cares for the orphans in exile.

$900 Pays a Teacher’s Salary and Housing for a month

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These Ukranian kids had a gruelling journey to safety


These kids had a grueling journey to safety …ten hours waiting just to cross the border. Now they are being housed through the generosity of strangers in Poland. Your help is needed to meet the ongoing basic needs of food, clothing, health, and education.

$15,000 ships a container of supplies
$50 provides school supplies for one child

Donate to Ukraine Orphans & Children

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