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Advocacy and Raising Awareness

Here are some simple ways to help raise awareness about global poverty, hunger and AIDS & HUMAN TRAFFICKING.

E-cards, V-cards, Emails

Try sending an eCard to a friend, or an e-mail to a senator. You could even help organize an inspiring event at your school campus or church.

CitiIMPACT Speakers

Our leading experts are available to speak at your next event on topics that will inspire and motivate your audience.


Learn about the underlying issues and unjust circumstances that affect vulnerable children around the world; then, speak out on their behalf to policy-makers and your community.

CitiIMPACT Vision Trip Experience

Join CitiIMPACT as an individual or group on one of our HIV, Disaster, or Anti-Human Trafficking fact-finding and awareness trips. Then you’ll have first-hand knowledge of how to advocate for those who are least, last, lost and lonely.

CitiIMPACT Student Justice Network

CitIMPACT Student Justice is a network of students committed to exploring what our faith says about poverty and injustice; using creative activism to bring issues to life and change hearts on campus; and using our voices to advocate our government leaders to help end poverty, injustice, and human suffering. Start a group on your campus, in your community, or in your church.

Contact us today to see how you can make a positive IMPACT by being a voice for the voiceless.